Metropsis starter edition

Screen core visual functions inside or outside the clinic

Fast, accurate, and more sensitive than standard tests

Low cost 3 test starter package

Select a vision test with the iPad app

The low cost package includes three screening tests:

(Plus many more Metropsis vision tests are available if you upgrade to the full research edition.)

Test patterns are displayed on your computer screen

Metropsis automatically presents a series of calibrated test patterns,
based on validated scientific studies.

The test ends automatically as soon as termination criteria are reached,
leading to faster, more accurate results and a better user experience.

Your patient responds with a button press

Easy enough for children and the elderly, and ideal for rapid screening.

Simple procedures eliminate operator biases or mistakes made during scoring.

Quickly and robustly identify abnormal results

Compare results with aged-matched normal data.

View on the iPad, ready to be printed or emailed.