With the Metropsis research edition, our staff scientists are on hand to assist you at every stage of your study:

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation will review the goals of your study; specifically including the disease type, the visual functions potentially involved, and the treatment. We can then assist you in establishing which visual functions are primarily affected by the disease.

Staff Scientist Dr Caterina Ripamonti advising selection of psychophysical protocols.

Test Selection and Customisation

We will help you to select appropriate tests of the required visual functions, taking particular account of the age group and visual abilities of your patients. Metropsis includes a range of tests for visual acuity, spatial and temporal contrast sensitivity, colour discrimination, and binocular vision. They range from simple standardized acuity screening to specialised protocols for specific populations, such as colour tests for low vision patients. These test protocols can be modified to meet your needs or, if necessary, a new test can be developed for your study.

Definition of procedures

We will assist you in defining appropriate Standard Operating Procedures and Case Report Forms.

Set up and Training

We will then visit your site to set up the Metropsis Visual Function Assessment Unit and provide full training to get your study up and running.

Technical and Scientific Support

And of course, we will provide technical and scientific support throughout your study.